Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co. KG – The guarantor with over 40 years approved competence for printed circuit boards. We offer express-service prototype manufacture as well as small series with ultramodern technology.

Laser-direct exposure and laser drilling are established manufacture-processes since 1996 at Elekonta. Since then impedance controlled multilayer as well as RF circuit boards with special substrate are part of our manufacture portfolio. The requirements for HDI circuit boards with ultrafine structures up to 50 µm, blind- and buried via steadily got more sophisticated, which we consequently accounted for with ongoing development of our process parameters, for example microfill and LDI-capable solder resist.

Our close-knit partnership with the automotive industry presented us with the challenge of IMS circuit boards as well as thick film copper pcb’s with up to 800 µm copper on the inner layers, which we handled successfully and now belong to our daily order portfolio. The aerospace industry, medical technology and also industrial electronics have challenged us with their need for flexible and flex-rigid circuit boards, so that these technologies also became part of our daily routine.

But all that is not enough of course, the requirements in the field of qualification and certification have increased. For decades we have the corresponding DIN-ISO certificates, for instance DIN-ISO 9001DIN-ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.