Flex PCBs

Not only flexible, but also reliable:flex printed circuit boards

Flexible printed circuit boards rely on innovative materials such as polyimide, which is not only chemically stable but also resistant to high temperatures. With a typical thickness of 50 μm, these flexible films enable the production of PCBs with one or two copper layers. These can be processed using standard soldering processes. The use of special copper qualities makes flexible PCBs particularly suitable for dynamic bending loads.

The special flexibility not only allows the efficient use of small installation spaces, but also the integration of standard SMD components through partial stiffening with glued-on stiffeners. Clever mechatronic systems on flex PCBs improve reliability and reduce overall system costs by eliminating interfaces.

Flex PCBs thus offer an elegant solution for applications that require both flexibility and reliability.


Medical technology

Automotive industry

Communication technology

Industrial electronics

Aerospace technology


Dupont Pyralux APPanasonic Felios Flex-Serie

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