Heavy Copper PCBs


First choice for power electronics

Thick copper PCBs, also known as heavy copper PCBs, are characterized by significantly thicker copper layers compared to conventional PCBs. With copper layers of 105 µm, 210 µm or an impressive 400 µm on the inner layers and variable copper thicknesses of 50 µm to 240 µm on the outer layers, they offer tailor-made solutions for applications with high current requirements and demanding thermal requirements.

This technology not only enables the realization of complex high-current structures, but also allows the integration of several copper layers with a thickness of 400 µm in a single PCB.

This flexibility is particularly relevant for demanding designs and applications in areas such as power electronics, switching power supplies and electromobility.

The thick copper PCBs therefore offer an ideal solution for electronic applications with special requirements in terms of current carrying capacity and heat dissipation. Despite special production processes, they guarantee reliable performance in electronic devices.


Heat dissipation

Performance electronics

High power consumption


ISOLA IS400 – TG150°Panasonic R1566W – TG150°NanYA NP-175F-BH – TG150°

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