HDI-SBU-Multilayer PCBs


High performance packed tightly:HDI PCBs make it possible

In a world where technological progress is constantly advancing, the demand for ever more compact solutions is becoming ever louder. This is where high-performance PCBs come into play, developed through high-density interconnect (HDI) techniques. HDI PCBs are characterized by their compactness, as they can accommodate more components in a smaller space.

The special feature of an HDI PCB is the use of blind, buried and microvias, as well as vias in pads and very thin traces. These advanced techniques make it possible to place a larger number of components on a limited surface area. This not only makes more efficient use of space, but also optimizes the performance of the electronics.

The integration of HDI technologies into printed circuit boards makes it possible to design electronic devices that are even more powerful and compact. This is particularly important in applications such as mobile devices, wearables and other compact electronic devices where size and functionality are of great importance. HDI printed circuit boards therefore make a significant contribution to meeting the ever-increasing demands placed on modern electronics.


Mobile devices


Medical technology

Automotive industry

Industrial electronics

Aerospace technology

Communication technology


ISOLA IS400 – TG150°Panasonic R1566W – TG150°Panasonic R1566S – TG170°Shengyi Autolad 1 – TG160°Shengyi Autolad 2GH – TG175°NanYA NP-175F-BH – TG150°Elite EM-370(5) – TG150°Elite EM-370(Z) – TG175°

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