Multilayer PCBs


Aiming high:with our multilayer printed circuit boards up to 42 layers

Multilayer PCBs are circuit boards that consist of several copper layers.

We can supply PCB multilayers with structures of up to 42 layers (maximum thickness 5mm). The more layers there are, the higher the speeds that can be realized on the PCB. Multilayer PCBs are therefore often the best choice for complex circuits, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and industrial sectors.

There are a variety of options for designing multilayer PCBs. When designing PCBs, the respective tolerances must be observed in order to ensure perfect function and manufacturability of the PCB.

Multilayers can be made from different materials, which means that almost unlimited combinations are possible to create individual circuit board. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you on which materials and combinations are best suited to your application.

You can also order multilayer PCBs from us as PCB prototypes. This gives you the opportunity to test your circuit and identify and rectify potential problems at an early stage.

Put your trust in our many years of experience and let our professional team support you in the development of your multilayer boards.


Multilayer PCBs are suitable for many applications. The following examples provide an initial insight into the areas of application:

Communication technology

Electronics industry

Medical technology

Automotive industry

Aerospace industry

Industrial automation

Defense industry

Energy industry


ISOLA IS400 – TG150°Panasonic R1566W – TG150°Panasonic R1566S – TG170°Shengyi Autolad 1 – TG160°Shengyi Autolad 2GH – TG175°NanYA NP-175F-BH – TG150°Elite EM-370(5) – TG150°Elite EM-370(Z) – TG175°

As a prototype manufacturer, we are always ready to integrate new materials into our production and subject them to extensive testing.