IMS metal-core PCBs


Durable and temperature-resistant:PCBs with metal core

The metal-core PCB, also known as an IMS PCB (Insulated Metallic Substrate), offers an outstanding alternative to conventional PCBs in situations where high mechanical loads occur, high dimensional stability is required or high temperatures need to be dissipated from power components.

The key to the efficiency of the IMS PCB lies in the copper core that is integrated into the PCB. This core plays a crucial role in dissipating high temperatures, especially in applications such as LED technology and high-power transistors.

The IMS PCB enables a higher packing density, increased operational reliability and a reduced failure rate. These properties make it ideal for applications such as laser diodes, where temperature dissipation is of central importance.

Another advantage of the IMS PCB is the integration of the cooling unit directly into the PCB, which effectively saves space. This is particularly advantageous in compact electronics applications.


LED technology

High-performance transistors

Laser diodes

High-current applications

Power LED

SMD and power PCBs


Kupferbleche 0,5 mm – 2,0 mmPanasonic Thermoprepreg R14T1