Impedance controlled multilayer PCB


For maximum precision:Impedance-controlled multilayer printed circuit boards

Impedance-controlled multilayers are PCBs that are designed to precisely control and adjust the impedance along conductor paths. The multilayers consist of several copper layers separated by insulating substrates. Depending on the requirements, each layer can have different impedance values.

Impedance refers to the AC resistance of an electrical line and is an important parameter for signal integrity and the performance of high-speed and high-frequency circuits.

The development of impedance-controlled multilayers requires precise calculations and simulations in order to select the right materials, dimensions and layer structures.
We will be happy to support you with our know-how and many years of experience by performing impedance calculations and measurements on your PCBs.


Impedance-controlled multiplayers play a crucial role when maximum signal integrity is required. Here are some examples of applications:

High-speed data transmission

High-frequency and microwave applications


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