Process engineering

The availability of ultramodern machines is a crucial requirement for achieving high quality. But holistic success can be only achieved if the description „ultramodern“ also applies to the quality and environmental management, as well as to process technology. And this is the case at ELEKONTA: Our processes are constantly developed through an established improvement process. Close interaction between process engineering and other individual departments leads to a dynamic exchange of information. The result is an extremely stable production, high quality and process reliability.

State-of-the-art technologies

As well as the standard procedures used for 2-layer circuit boards – drilling, direct plating, photo printing, permanent resist, pattern plating, etching, solder resist masking, application of the desired surface and contour machining – we use the full range of up-to-date technologies.

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Hole Plugging
Blind Vias
Carbon Printing
Metal core PCBs IMS, MCS (Cu)