1. Ucam

Technologically leading system for reading in your order data and their production-oriented implementation. Ucam supplies all subsequent processes with production-relevant data.

2. X-ray and laser drilling

With our modern drilling machines (X-ray / mechanical / laser) we are able to realize the finest through holes and blind holes for all imaginable applications with highest accuracy.

3. Multilayer press

When laminating Multilayers, we rely on Cedal’s innovative ADARA pressing technology. Advantages are the computer-controlled control and control of all process parameters as well as the high uniformity of the PCB thickness.

4. Crimson

High quality and environmental protection through horizontal desmear and direct plating. With a standing wave as well as surge, spray and suction nozzles, the desmear and direct plating process is physically optimally supported. Thus, this technique is particularly well suited for high-pile multilayers with high-aspect ratio holes.

5. Laser direct exposure

The layout data are exposed to finished blank with laser direct exposure. The advantages are very high registration accuracy and reproducibility.

6. Electroplating

In our electroplating machine, we manufacture ultrafine printed circuit boards with micro- and blind holes with maximum process reliability.

7. AOI

8. Electrical test

For final inspection, the finished plates are tested on our finger tester 100% electric according to their data – fast, economical and absolutely reliable.

9. Impedance

Multilayers in assemblies for high-frequency applications are measured at our state-of-the-art impedance test facility.

10. Optical final inspection

11. Dimensions / tolerances